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How Filtered Water Is Better for the Environment Than Bottled Water

Not all forms of drinking water are created equal. While bottled water can seem like a convenient purchase, it’s rarely the best option for your family—or for the Earth. Switching from buying bottled water to installing a water filtration system has benefits for both your wallet and the environment.

The problem with plastic

Single-use plastic bottles can be a cheap and convenient option when you’re on the go, but behind that one-time use is a complex and catastrophic pollution issue. You might think you’re not hurting the planet by using plastic water bottles because they’re recyclable, but the truth is only 1/3 of all plastic bottles get recycled. Plastic takes roughly 450 years to biodegrade, filling up landfills and harming ecosystems and wildlife. It’s estimated that 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean each year, accumulating in enormous patches of plastic waste.

You can cut back on this plastic consumption by switching to filtered water from an under sink or whole home filtration system. If you rely on bottled water because you’re concerned about contamination in your water supply, you can select a filtration system that’s specifically designed to reduce common water issues such as sediment, lead, chlorine and even PFAS, or “forever chemicals.” Filtration systems can offer you peace of mind when drinking, cooking and cleaning with water from your tap—and you’ll know you’re helping the environment by cutting back on single-use plastic.

Is water from a filter environmentally friendly?

Using a water filter is much more environmentally friendly than buying cases or jugs of bottled water. Installing a filtration system gives you a long-term solution to clean water, rather than contributing to the 29 billion water bottles and counting that are filling landfills and the world’s oceans.

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What are the environmental benefits of filtered water?

In addition to having fresh, filtered water whenever you want it, there are a number of other benefits to having filtered water in your home, many of which are good for the environment. The environmental benefits of filtered water include:

  • Reduce water waste
    When you buy plastic water bottles, you’re not just paying for the water. You’re also buying a plastic bottle and paying for the manufacturing that was required to produce it. Not only is it more beneficial to invest in a filtration system to provide filtered water, it’s much more environmentally friendly. To produce one plastic bottle actually takes six to seven times the water that ends up inside the bottle.
  • Fewer emissions
    Producing plastic water bottles also requires a lot of energy and contributes to both air and water pollution. The total energy required for bottled water production is as much as 2,000 times the energy needed to produce tap water.
  • Just as good as bottled water—or better
    Just because your water isn’t coming in a perfectly sealed bottle with a pretty label does not mean it’s any lower quality than what’s in a bottle. Take the reverse osmosis filtration process as an example. This process removes small contaminants by using a membrane filter and depending on the system, a few other steps of filtration. Reverse osmosis filtration systems catch the contaminants and flush them away while the cleaned water flows on to your tap. Bottled water companies use this same process, just on a much larger scale. When you install a reverse osmosis system, you’ll be getting the same fresh, crisp water as you would with bottled water.

Ready to cut back on single-use plastic?

If selecting a water filtration system is part of your journey to a future that’s less reliant upon single-use plastic, it’s important to choose a system that will provide you with reliably filtered water for years to come. EcoPureHome offers under sink and whole home systems that can meet a variety of household needs—from simply making your water taste better to reducing more serious contaminants such as lead.

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