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Discover How Hard, Unfiltered Water Impacts Life in Your Kitchen.

This interactive video shows you how to identify and solve common water problems that may negatively affect your cooking and cleaning.

If your water is hard and unfiltered, it could be causing a number of problems in your kitchen. While you might be unaware of most of them, after watching the interactive video above or reading the list below, you will be able to identify common issues like why your water-using appliances are breaking down more often than they should, or why your dishes are spotty after going through the dishwasher. This list breaks down the five most common effects hard, unfiltered water can have in a kitchen, from food odor to dishwasher scale.

Spotty dishes

Hard water contains minerals that cause a number of problems throughout your home. Have you ever noticed spots on your dishes, even after a full cycle in your dishwasher? Those filmy spots are called scale, which is caused by high mineral content. Installing a water softener will help avoid water spots on dishes caused by mineral buildup. Cleaning with soft water also means using less soap — this allows you to save a little extra money.


Soap activation

If you have hard water, the minerals that cause buildup on your dishes will interfere with soap, too. Soap is not as effective with hard water, meaning you’ll have to use several more pumps than you would with soft water to get everything clean. While the amount of soap you’re using may not be as obvious of an issue as spots or broken appliances, when you make the switch to soft water, you’ll notice the difference immediately.


Scale buildup on appliances

You know that minerals from hard water create residual buildup on your glasses — the same thing happens in your appliances. In the kitchen, this can mean the lifespan of your dishwasher is cut down by as much as 50%. When you install a water softener, you can expect all of your water-using appliances such as dishwashers, laundry machines and other expensive equipment to operate as intended for years. This means less money spent on costly repairs and replacements.


To see if you have scale buildup, take a look at the drain in your dishwasher. If you see white streaks, you have hard water that may be harming the performance and lifespan of your water-using appliances. It may be time to start protecting your appliances with a water softener.

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Dull flavors

You can enjoy more flavorful food and beverages when cooking with soft water. Have you ever made yourself a cup of tea, only to be disappointed in its dull flavor? It’s likely that you have hard water that’s interfering with the infusion process. When you install a water softener, you’ll begin to notice bolder flavors while cooking and making tea. If you like to bake bread, you’ll also notice that yeast performs better with soft water and that vegetables and rice will be more tender. These improvements to cooking and baking are due to the reduced level of minerals in your water.


Water odor

Unpleasant odor is a common issue for people with hard, unfiltered water. It is usually caused by chlorine, which is added to water during the treatment process in municipalities. If you get your water from your city’s treatment plant, you might have this exact issue. Unfortunately, this odor can affect the food you cook and the beverages, giving your meals an unpleasant smell.


Other contaminants such as lead, microbial cysts and other chemicals can be harmful to your health, but may not give off odors. If you believe your water is contaminated, an in-line water filter for the kitchen sink is a good start, but you may need a whole home water filtration system with the proper filter.

Solve your water issues

Untreated water can be the culprit for a number of problems you may not be aware of. Water that smells bad, among other issues, can make the smallest daily tasks much bigger chores than they should be. Solve all of these issues with the necessary water treatment systems and experience the difference treated water can make for you. Always check with a water expert if you are uncertain about your water.

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