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All About EcoPureHome’s Partnership With charity: water

EcoPureHome is a proud brand partner with charity: water, a nonprofit organization dedicated to equipping communities in developing countries with safe drinking water infrastructure. Both organizations share a common belief: access to safe, clean drinking water changes everything. When you buy from EcoPureHome, you’re helping support and elevate charity: water’s mission.

Get to Know charity: water

charity: water was founded in 2006 by Scott Harrison with the mission to deliver clean and safe drinking water to families in developing countries across the world. Through the years, charity: water has helped complete over 51,000 projects that have delivered clean water to 11,152,945 people and counting.

charity: water takes a long-term approach to their solutions and prioritizes complete transparency with their projects. You can actually see where their completed projects are, who they’re helping and what technology they’re using as their workers tag products with GPS coordinates. To ensure the people they provide resources to have a reliable source of clean water, they train mechanics on how to repair equipment and partner with local governments to strengthen community ownership.

EcoPureHome’s Partnership with charity: water

EcoPureHome is proud to partner with charity: water to support clean water efforts in developing countries. One project that EcoPureHome supported was a clean water initiative in Cambodia, a country where safe water can be hard to come by. EcoPureHome helped fund the implementation of BioSand Filters in households across the country. Once the water filters were installed, the project’s mission ensured homeowners knew how to operate and maintain their filters, which promotes sustainable, long-term use. EcoPureHome looks forward to continuing the support of Cambodian communities.

How You Can Help

If you’re looking for a trusted and transparent organization to support, charity: water is an outstanding candidate. Here are some ways to support their cause:

If you choose to support charity: water, you’ll be able to track where your money goes and the impact it makes. EcoPureHome hopes you’ll join the effort to ensure clean, safe drinking water for all.

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