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The Complete Guide to DIY Water Softener & Water Filtration System Installation

You might think you can’t install your own water treatment systems. After all, isn’t that something people pay for the professionals to do? The reality is that you can install your own water softener, under sink filtration system, or whole home filtration system, as long as you have some basic plumbing skills, a free Saturday, and the right DIY attitude.

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EcoPureHome is with you every step of the way, from helping you find the right water treatment system for your home to offering installation assistance. Check out the videos below to take the guesswork out of the process.

DIY Water Softener Installation

Ready to install your own water softener? We recommend you start at the beginning: make yourself a checklist and follow along with our videos.

Quick DIY water softener installation checklist

Looking for a quick checklist for installing your water softener? Here is the quick-hit list to get the job done:

  1. Gather your tools, including an adjustable wrench, utility knife, bucket, bleach and water softener salt.
  2. Turn off your water supply at the main line.
  3. Drain the water lines.
  4. Make proper connections (optional: install remote bypass).
  5. Fill your brine tank half-full with salt.
  6. Ensure bypass is shut, slowly turn on water while checking for leaks.
  7. Complete the start-up procedure.

Do you need anything else before installing your water softener?

Make installation easy with push-to-connect flexible connectors for your installation. Their bendable design can eliminate the need for soldering or specialty plumbing equipment.

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How do you install a water softener?

All it takes is some basic plumbing skills, the right tools, some DIY savvy, this video—and, of course, your owner’s manual.

Looking to install a new Kenmore water softener?

To install a new Kenmore water softener, you’ll need some basic plumbing skills, free time and do-it-yourself savvy. Like with other projects, first gather all your tools and make sure your softener parts are readily available.

Follow the multi-step process detailed in the instructional video above and you’ll soon be enjoying softened water. Please consult your owner’s manual for additional information.

DIY Water Filtration System Installation

Just like a water softener, you can install your own water filtration system with some basic plumbing skills and enough free time on a weekend.

How do you install a reverse osmosis system?

As always, make sure you read your owner’s manual—but for some extra guidance, you can watch this easy 9 minute video that walks you through the installation step-by-step:

Looking For Your Complete User Manual?

Be sure to reference your complete user manual for required tools,
step-by-step installation instructions, product programming and more.

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