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How to Maintain Your EcoPure or Whirlpool Water Softener


Water softeners are built to last at least a decade. There are several ways you can optimize the performance of your softener, but knowing how to use water softener cleanser in either your EcoPure or Whirlpool system will go a long way in extending its life.

How to Use Water Softener Cleanser

  1. Wait until salt levels are low
  2. Lift the cover off the water softener
  3. Open the brine well cover
  4. Pour 16 oz. of Whirlpool Water Softener Cleanser or EcoPure Water Softener Cleaner in the brine well
  5. Close the brine well and water softener cover
  6. Press and hold the recharge button for 3 seconds
  7. Wait 2 hours before using your water

The manufacturer recommends using a bottle of water softener cleaner every 4 months to keep your system running efficiently. This is especially important for people in hard water areas. 85 percent of Americans live in hard water areas which means their home is receiving water from treatment facilities and wells that have high levels of iron, manganese and calcium.

These hard water minerals are removed during the water softening process. Without routine maintenance on your system, these minerals can collect in your tank, slowing down performance and eventually clogging the softener until it doesn’t work anymore.

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Extend Your Water Softener Warranty

When you purchase a Whirlpool WHES30, WHES40 or WHESFC water softener, you have the opportunity to extend the 1- to 2-year full parts and labor warranty. To do this, you can go to Whirlpool’s website and register your product and upload your original receipt. You will then start to receive email reminders to use Whirlpool’s Water Softener Cleanser. Included in these reminders are instructions for accessing your customer account and how to upload cleanser receipts. When you upload these receipts and prove you’re maintaining your system, you become eligible for either the 5- or 10-year full warranty on your softener.

The EcoPure 31,000 and 42,000 Grain Water Softeners come with a one-year full parts warranty that can be extended to 5 years. To receive the warranty extension, you must register your purchase on EcoPure’s website. After registration, you need to purchase and use a bottle of EcoPure Water Softener Cleaner every 4 months.

Additional Water Softener Cleaner Instructions

Whether you have an EcoPure or Whirlpool system, knowing how to use water softener cleanser is a great first step in optimizing its performance. There are several other maintenance tasks that should become a part of your softener checklist throughout the lifetime of your system.

As we established, iron and manganese have a tendency to build up in water softeners. This happens because the salt helps activate the brine. To keep this process running smoothly, you need a constant presence of salt.

Adding the Right Salt


Contrary to popular belief, salt does not directly soften your water by itself. What happens is the sodium from the salt helps activate the ion exchange process which ultimately softens your water.

That’s why salt always needs to be present in your system. When you first get your softener, check salt levels every few weeks until you establish a refilling schedule.

It’s recommended you use nugget, pellet or coarse solar salts in your water softening system.

Breaking the Salt Bridge


Another maintenance step you can take to make sure your water softener is running smoothly is breaking the salt bridge that can form inside your tank.

Salt bridges are caused by high humidity or the wrong kind of salt poured into the system. That’s why you should install your water softener in a dry part of your home.

When a salt bridge forms, your water will not touch the salt in the system. This stops the creation of brine which recharges the resin bed in your system which ultimately softens the water.

We recommend taking a broom handle and pushing it into the salt. Try to puncture several holes in the salt so the bridge breaks up into pieces. This will allow the salt to make contact with the water once again.

Pouring cleanser into your water softener is a great first step in ensuring the longevity of your system. Reference your owner’s manual if any issues arise between routine maintenance checks and always make sure you have a bottle ready if you suspect any clogs are forming in your tank.

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