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Is a Drinking Water Filtration System Worth It?

Interested in drinking water filtration systems and the value they add to a home but aren’t sure where to start? See what Doug, the Water Buff, had to say in an installment of the video series “Stump the Water Buff” when asked “is a drinking water filtration system worth it?”

(Spoiler alert: It is worth it.)

When looking into home water filtration solutions, there are a lot of considerations and options that should be explored. This quick guide and episode companion is here to help with that process while detailing some of the benefits drinking water filtration systems provide.

The Benefits of Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Having a drinking water filtration system in the home provides a range of benefits, which include convenience, savings, and the ability to cut down on plastic waste. Drinking water filtration systems, which are typically installed under a sink, can also be used to filter water in refrigerators.

Imagine all those single-use plastic bottles you can keep out of recycling plants and landfills by drinking filtered tap water that rivals the same quality most bottled water companies provide. With a drinking water filtration system, you can enjoy better-tasting water, coffee, tea, and the water you cook with will lead to better results you can taste on the plate.

In the bathroom, a drinking water filtration system can provide you with cleaner, healthier water while you brush your teeth or have that midnight glass of water.

Under Sink Systems, and a Look at Reverse Osmosis

Drinking water filtration systems, also known as point-of-entry or under sink systems, are designed to reduce both common contaminants – like sediment and chlorine – and more harmful contaminants – like lead, arsenic, PFOA and PFOS – from your drinking water. When deciding which system is right for your home, you’ll want to consider the contaminants that are impacting your home water and match them with the system that can reduce those. Additionally, you’ll want to consider where you’ll install the system and where you want the filtered water to dispense from.

There are a variety of under sink filtration systems available, but two- or three-stage systems are very popular. Many two-stage under sink systems on the market today offer advanced contaminant reduction, and their compact size allows them to be easily installed under your kitchen or bathroom sink without additional plumbing. Three-stage/reverse osmosis (RO) systems offer more extensive contaminant reduction than their two-stage counterparts, reducing serious water contaminants like PFOA, PFOS, arsenic, and nitrate. Because of the slow, yet thorough filtering process reverse osmosis requires, these systems do require a storage tank for holding the filtered water.

Reverse osmosis is also what most bottled water companies use for their filtration method, so installing one of these systems in your home is like having bottled water right from your tap. If you have concerns about the safety of your drinking water, investing in an RO system is a great solution. If you only want to reduce taste and odor issues, then a system with carbon filtration may be right for you.

Want to know more about under sink filtration?

Having a two- or three-stage filtration system is a popular choice. Explore your options.


Under Sink Filtration Systems

Upgrade the Water You Depend On

Having access to filtered drinking water at home is an investment you can feel good about. From the convenience of cutting bottled water purchases from your grocery hauls, to using less single-use plastic, filtering your own water is actually cheaper, as well. So, maybe instead of asking “is a drinking water filtration system worth it?” the question should be “which filtration system should I buy for my home?”

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