How’s Your Water Quality?

The best place to start on your journey to better water is by identifying your home water quality first. Does your water leave a white buildup around your faucets, have a cloudy appearance, or have a foul smell? All of the above? Share what you have noticed about your home water.

If you experience…

  • Scale buildup
  • Rust stains
  • Dry skin
  • Dull scratchy laundry
  • Flat damaged hair
  • My area has hard water
  • Spotty dishes

You may need a water softener

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If you experience…

  • Bad smelling water
  • Bad tasting water
  • Sediment issues
  • Iron issues

You may need a whole home filtration system

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If you experience…

  • Bad smelling drinking water
  • Bad tasting drinking water
  • Harmful contaminants you think are present

You may need an under sink filtration system

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