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What Exactly Does a Water Softener Do?

Want to learn about water softeners from an expert? Doug, the Water Buff, shared some professional insights when he was asked “what does a water softener do?” Check out what he had to say in this installment of the video series “Stump the Water Buff.”

Water Softeners Provide a Range of Benefits

Hard water, if left untreated, can create many problems throughout your home—and roughly 85% of North American homes have hard water. Simply put, water softeners turn hard water into soft water. The water softening process uses ion-exchange technology to capture hard water minerals, calcium and magnesium, from your water so they don’t leave their mark on the rest of your home. From there, you’ll experience a myriad of benefits, like softer skin and hair, better-performing appliances, and sparkling glassware.

Looking for more details about water softener capabilities? Explore additional information and resources below for a thorough understanding of what a water softener does.

Water softeners help protect water-using appliances

Hard water affects things like your plumbing, water heater, dishwasher and showerheads negatively, forming a crusty buildup that’s difficult to remove and causing a decrease in water pressure and performance over time.

Want to protect your water-using appliances from hard water and keep them in good shape for as long as possible? Installing a water softener is the best solution available. Using soft water will not only prevent further hard water damage to your water-using appliances, it will also lower your energy bills (including your water heater costs by up to 24%) since your water-using appliances will run more efficiently. Better appliance performance also means less money spent on repairs and premature replacements over time.

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The Benefits of Water Softeners

A water softener can help with household cleaning

Hard water buildup is easy to notice and difficult to remove. From spot-filled glassware to scratchy towels and sheets, hard water leaves its mark and slows cleaning efforts. No one wants to host friends or family for a meal knowing they have spots all over their glasses and cutlery.

In the laundry room, hard water minerals combine with soaps and detergents to wear away at clothing fibers causing them to fade faster and wear prematurely. A water softener prevents hard water from interacting with your linens, glassware and surfaces, so you can tackle household cleaning with ease.

Soft water improves personal hygiene

Hard water impacts personal hygiene more than causing dry skin and scalp conditions. The minerals from hard water can strip natural oils from skin, which people often mistake for the “squeaky clean” feeling. This abrasiveness when mixed with soaps, strips the skin and leaves behind a soap residue that can clog pores and keep your natural oils from coming to the surface of your skin. The residue can cause acne breakouts and other hygiene problems over time.

Using hard water won’t just dry out your skin, it can make your hair flatter, brassy and difficult to manage. Instead of purchasing specialty soaps and lotions to minimize the effects of hard water on your personal hygiene, a water softener can address the issue at the source. Look no further than this resource for more information about how personal hygiene is impacted by hard water.

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