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The Complete Guide to Water System Maintenance

Water softeners and filtration systems are built to last and are relatively easy to maintain, provided they get routine maintenance on a recurring basis. By giving your water softener and filtration systems regular checks and basic upkeep you will ensure your systems are providing you cleaner water for years to come. Follow the guide below and you will be on your way to becoming proficient in completing do-it-yourself water system maintenance tasks.

Below you will find tips for maintaining your water softener and filtration systems, helping keep your water systems operating at full efficiency for years to come. Check out the videos on this page for additional information.

Water Softener Maintenance

Whether your water softener was manufactured by EcoPure, Whirlpool or Kenmore, it was built to last a decade or longer. Choosing the right water softener cleaner, an easy part of regular water system maintenance, will keep your system operating and extend its life cycle.

Ready to ensure your water softening system is operating at full efficiency? Below is a checklist and videos that will provide you with everything needed to jumpstart you on a path to proficiency in do-it-yourself water softener maintenance.

Water softener regeneration

Water softener regeneration is a necessary process for softening water, and a little required maintenance on your part will keep this process going.

Steps for water softener maintenance

  1. Check your water softener about once a month and add more salt when necessary. It’s ideal to keep the brine tank about half full.
  2. Choose the right salt for your water softener to help avoid salt bridges and mushing.
  3. Use a water softener cleanser on a regular schedule (once every four months) to help keep your system operating in top form.
  4. Keep your water softener’s nozzle and venturi clean.

How do I clean my water softener?

Follow these easy do-it-yourself steps, which require no tools, and your softening system will run more efficiently for longer.

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Filtration System Maintenance and Replacements

Performing simple water system maintenance tasks will help keep your system operating in good condition, providing you with cleaner water for longer. One of the simplest ways to maintain your filtration system is by replacing the filter as recommended. This is because filters capture contaminants that can accumulate quickly. It’s critical to replace filters when necessary to ensure best results.

Water filtration system maintenance

Whether you have an under sink filtration system, or a product designed for use throughout your whole home, filters should be replaced on a recurring basis. Whole home filters typically last three to six months, while under sink systems work for up to six months, depending on the quality of your untreated water and the volume of water used.

Want to keep your water filtration system operating at full efficiency? Below are videos for you to watch and additional information to help you become more proficient in do-it-yourself water filtration system maintenance.

Keep cleaner water flowing by changing your under sink water filter

Follow this video’s simple steps to keep cleaner water coming out of your faucet.

Reverse osmosis systems have an extra step for filter replacement, as they include a semipermeable membrane which typically lasts two to three years, depending on the system installed and your home’s water quality.

Looking for more ways to get the most life out of your water filtration systems?

Read Water Filtration System Maintenance Tips and Tricks.

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Looking for more about under sink filtration systems?

Learn the pros and cons of what each system has to offer.

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Looking For Your Complete User Manual?

Reference your complete user manual for required tools, step-by-step instructions for installation and water system maintenance, product programming, and more.

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